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Thank you for stopping in to read my Blog today.

Please enjoy my LATEST blog entry on the Newest Blogs drop down menu tab. Looking just to your left you’ll see Ann’s Previous Posts, listed in a handy drop down menu, newest to oldest. Take a scan and enjoy the videos attached to most of my entries if you’d rather not read.

I am a “blog when there’s something worth saying” kind of blogger so I will be writing entries more seldom than often.

Most of my blog entries are written from when I am out serving on either a mission’s trip or serving with ACCI coming alongside our project leaders. I may also now and then share something that I am learning or discovering in my day to day life process.

Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of any of the posts or pages throughout my website.

May God bless you, surprise and encourage you in some way through these blog entries.



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