ACCI Staff-Ann Hinrichs, Amy & John Haley, Lauren Roth

Our ACCI Staff – Ann Hinrichs, Amy & John Haley, Lauren Roth

& Francesco Abortivi

& Francesco Abortivi







I’m privileged to be serving these past 4 years for the non-profit mission organization called, Adventive Cross Cultural Initiatives (ACCI).

After having served as a U.S. board member with AdvebtiveCCI for 7 years, it’s now a gift to be serving full time as an international contracted project missionary with this gifted team of international projects and leaders under the umbrella and ministry of AdventiveCCI.

It has been encouraging and strengthening to watch God answer specific prayer, see tremendous growth through our projects and how they all seek to walk in humble obedience to His calling while serving abroad. God remains faithful, and I anticipate more spiritual breakthrough and more of His goodness to be poured out for His glory.

ACCI Founders, Tony & Jeanne Hedrick

ACCI Founders, Tony & Jeanne Hedrick







Please enjoy a great gospel message by Tony Hedrick at:


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Thank you, to so many of you who have already shown great support in this calling. It is a humble gift to be part of this team and non-profit work.

Serving Christ Together,

Ann Hinrichs


Please take a look at our AdventiveCCI Partnership video!


Meet our ACCI project leaders serving all around the world. 

(Those serving in sensitive countries we are unable to display for their safety.



“For what we preach is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.” – 2 Corinthians 4:5



There are the Christians.

There are the disciples—

your own, your little ones.


Make me the latter, even if

by doing so you have to kill me.

Yes. I realize what it is


I’m asking. I want it still.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

You see I am but words,


Keatsian, a romantic notion

that once scribbled in water

slips fleetingly back to nothingness.


Pound me then with those fists

of truth & beauty. Throw me

on the wheel, work me over and out,


riddle and wrench me till all self-

hood has been kneaded away.

Form-fit this soul for heaven


so that when it is finished—

when the cardiograph

tells the story I’m with you,


barefooted, knees giving way

before Love—I’ll see.

We’ll know.


—L. C. Hinrichs

(C) All Rights Reserved 2012. No reproduction of this poem is to be done without permission.


  1. Imra Dillis says

    I thank Jesus for knowing you, His sweet perfume is all over you and in what you do. Always encouraging, serving, worshipping, loving,creating, and giving Him glory…you are a beautiful example to us! May our precious Saviour bless you and keep you in your adventurous walk with Him. Love you sooo much! Imra&Co

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